The Message About Vaccination is Clear or Is It?

A recent outbreak of measles in New York City once again points to the ever growing problem of immunization misinformation and lack of vaccine adherence. Clinicians, more than ever, need to be well-educated in responding to parents’ concerns regarding vaccination and informing them of the potential dangers of not immunizing their child. Recent studies published in the journal Pediatrics highlight some important developments regarding childhood immunization, particularly the effectiveness of pro-vaccine messaging. The studies also highlight the economic impact of routine childhood immunizations on society as well as the financial cost of vaccination to clinicians themselves.

Economic Impact of Routine Childhood Immunizations

Childhood vaccines can not only prevent the spread of diseases, but they also have an economic benefit to society. Read More
Are Pro-Vaccine Messages Effective?

Pro-vaccine interventions may actually increase misperceptions among parents about vaccines and autism. Read More
Vaccination Costs from the Doctor’s POV

As the cost of vaccines are increasing, many doctors are experiencing frustration with reimbursements from third-party payers. Read More
Text Message Reminders for Vaccine Adherence

With wireless-only households become more prevalent, personalized text message reminders to parents may increase vaccine adherence.
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Child Care Flu Vaccination Requirements

Requiring the flu vaccination for child care admission seems to increase vaccination rates and lead to lower hospitalization rates for influenza in young children. Read More