As 2014 winds down, many of us are wondering what important medical innovations lie ahead in 2015. The Cleveland Clinic recently released its “Top 10 Medical Innovations for 2015.” Monthly Prescribing Reference has identified two additional breakthroughs on the horizon for next year.

Mobile Stroke Treatment Unit

The critical window of thrombolytic intervention in stroke patients, 60 minutes following the event, is often called the “golden hour.”1 However, many patients do not receive treatment during this window, due to delay between symptoms onset and arrival at the hospital. Newly introduced mobile stroke treatment units are ambulances outfitted to provide emergency evaluation and treatment of stroke and are staffed by healthcare personnel who communicate virtually with a stroke neurologist. The use of ambulance-based thrombolysis has been shown to increase survival in stroke patients. Some of these units are now available in the United States as well.1,2