Will PCSK9 Inhibitors Gain Acceptance Among Cardiologists?

An independent survey12 of cardiologists and PCPs conducted by InCrowd found that respondents are already considering prescribing this class of agents to 7% of their patients as a replacement for their present medications, and to 11% of patients as an addition. The survey found that 76% of cardiologists said they were “very excited” about PCSK9 inhibitors, and 44% said they would start prescribing these agents immediately.12 Respondents regarded cost as a potential obstacle to the widespread use of PCSK9 inhibitors.

The survey found that although the FDA recommends PCSK9 inhibitors only for a limited, high-risk population and for those with familial hypercholesterolemia, 66% of survey respondents believed that these new agents should not be restricted only to these patients.12


PCSK9 inhibitors are poised to become blockbuster agents. It is anticipated that they will continue to be safe and efficacious in the long run. Several longitudinal clinical trials are underway to investigate long-term safety and efficacy, with results anticipated in 2017.13,14