Patient Enrollment

When patients initially enroll in the portal they should receive an e-mail with instructions on how to join. Some of your patients will have questions about this process and will feel more comfortable calling the office to speak with a staff person. That is why the involvement and awareness of the entire practice staff is critical. Another option is to have one of the staff members offer a demonstration of the portal to patients and assist them with enrollment at the time of their appointment. A practice can and should set goals for the percentage of patients they enroll. This is an ongoing process to ensure patients stay engaged with the portal and use it regularly and to introduce the portal to all new patients and existing ones who have not yet signed up.

Patient Feedback & Future Directions

Obtaining feedback from your patients is critical to the future success of your portal. You can formalize this by including questions in your patient survey tool specifically about your patient portal. Delegate someone from your organization to take feedback from patients and incorporate these  changes into your portals design (its look and feel) as well as content.  The development of your portal is a process that requires the effort of the entire service delivery team. A sustained effort will be rewarded with an improved experience and satisfaction level from your patients.

Louis Evangelista, MBA, MA earned his bachelor’s degree from Temple University, his Masters Degree in Psychology & Dance Therapy from Antioch New England and his Executive MBA form Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business. He has worked in Mental Health and Health Care deliver systems for 30 years designing and implementing programs that focus on integrating health systems with a focus on the patient and continual improvements to quality. Presently he is the Innovations Coordinator for the Kennedy Health Alliance in Stratford New Jersey.

Have you incorporated a patient portal in your practice?