For Those Who Like a Good Conspiracy Theory

With medical clues exhausted, and knowing Santa is a caring individual, many medical sleuths say pointing the finger at Kris Kringle, his elves, and his reindeer is wrong.

“Sure, when they found Grandma Christmas morning at the scene of the attack, she may have had hoof prints on her forehead and claus marks on her back,” says Karen Rizzo, MD, president of the Pennsylvania Medical Society. “But I know a forensic investigation could be used to prove those marks didn’t come from Santa’s team.”

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Dr. Rizzo and many others suggest that it’s too suspicious that Grandpa was taking it so well, watching football, drinking beer, and playing cards with Cousin Mel.

And, additional research through a special animated holiday show based upon the song suggests Cousin Mel was up to no good.

“It’s a set up … 100% set up,” says Dr. Rizzo.