Are there other recommendations for patients with diabetes who are traveling internationally?

It is important for patients to always bring backup medications and to be aware of differing concentrations and varying availability of international insulin products.

How did meeting attendees react to your study?

This topic has not garnered much attention, either in the press or the academic/scientific community. When we presented it this year, a very large number of patients as well as healthcare providers came over to tell us how much guidance they needed regarding the management of diabetes during air travel. This confirmed how important the topic is.

Are you continuing to study this issue?

We are in the process of investigating the frequency of documented cases of diabetic complications during air travel. For example, how frequent and how severe were the cases of hypoglycemia? What were the outcomes? Did patients require hospitalization? What types of treatment did they need? This subject requires further observational studies to validate the recommendations and clinical practice standards that we gleaned from our review.


1. Suresh R, Pavela J, Mothers CH, Belalcazar LM. Addressing diabetes management during air travel crossing multiple time zones. Presented at AACA 25th Annual Scientific and Clinical Congress, Orlando, Florida. Thursday May 25, 2016. Abstract #281.