If you don’t always receive what you need (or want) for the holidays, add these items to your shopping list and treat yourself to gifts to help you in your clinical practice.

iPhone 6

In a recent poll by Doximity, nearly 25% of their members report that they are using an iPhone 6 – nearly double the adoption rate of the general consumer public. Why have clinicians embraced this new smartphone model? The larger screen and new Health App are likely driving the device’s popularity in the medical field. Don’t forget to download the MPR App on your new iPhone 6 for quick access to drug monographs, clinical charts, news, and more.

Doctor’s Bag

Think the doctor’s bag is obsolete? This classic is making a comeback for clinicians who want elegance and style while carrying everything from gadgets to exam tools in one convenient tote. The U.K.-based company Maxwell Scott offers two styles of leather doctor’s bags in classic tan, dark chocolate, or night black; while the price tag of $498 and up may seem extravagant, a 25-year warranty comes with every product.

Google Glass

Although there has been speculation that early adopters of Google Glass are losing interest in the $1,500 gadget, the medical profession continues to show interest in the product and new apps are being developed specifically for this field. The startup company Augmedix has created an app for use with Google Glass that allows clinicians to view EHRs on the Glass screen; this allows for better eye contact and more face time with the patient. Voice commands also allow the user to search for medical records that are encrypted to protect patient privacy. In a pilot study, use of the Augmedix app reduced the amount of time physicians spent entering data by 24% and increased time spent with patients by 35%.