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About Dr. Orr
Brian G. Orr, MD, is a practicing pediatrician based in Gloucester, MA. Along with his practice with Cape Ann Pediatricians, he has been involved in community-level public health work for many years.  Dr. Orr worked for 13 years in school-based health clinics run in conjunction with public health efforts. He has been very involved in public health drives for vaccines.  For example, this past year Dr. Orr was very involved in the Gloucester public health department drives for the H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccines.

Dr. Orr is the author of three books:

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  • A Pediatrician’s Journal: Caring for Children in a Broken Medical System
  • Everything Guide to the One-Year Old
  • Everything Guide to the Two-Year Old

He has written over 100 parenting articles in local periodicals.