Around the Wrist… or Maybe the Waist?

While the Apple Watch was initially anticipated to be a significant game-changer in health and wellness tracking , many of the projected features of the Watch and HealthKit, like blood pressure or oxygen tracking, will not be included when the product begins to ship to consumers in April. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, a unique wearable device for health and wellness tracking shifted the attention from wearable devices worn on the wrist to one worn in a unique position on the body – around the waist. Belty is a device worn as a belt (as the name suggests) that tracks both physical activity and inactivity; the user can set the belt to emit periodic haptic reminders to stand up, stretch, or move their body. The device can automatically loosen or tighten depending on body position (sitting or standing), but more importantly, can also track waistline circumference. With the growing evidence that a larger waist circumference may be a risk factor for conditions such as cardiovascular disease, this novel tracking metric may be one of the most effective sources of data on patient health and risk of chronic diseases.


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