In 2014 technology boosted traditional medical care with the release of many consumer-focused devices and smartphone apps to help patients track and manage their health (including chronic conditions). This year, even more smart products are anticipated to launch with additional features above and beyond those presently available on the market. From tracking medication use and physical activity to monitoring vital statistics, these are some of the most anticipated devices that may be a hit with patients and clinicians alike.

The Smart Case That Can Save Lives

An emerging trend in medical technology is the development of devices to track medication use and adherences, which can help clinicians in assessing and adapting treatment plans to the individual patient. The Veta smart case is designed to track EpiPen use via sensors built into the cap that connect to the Veta smartphone app If the patient is experiencing an allergic reaction and pulls the cap of the Veta case, an alert is sent to the app and can also be shared with the patient’s support network such as caregivers or clinicians. This alert can also include information about the patient’s location if emergency services are needed. If the cap is removed, several minutes later the device will prompt the patient to respond with their status; if the patient does not respond, a loud noise is emitted to alert others to the medical situation. The app can be used to track a missing smart case and a reminder alert can be set to notify the patient if the device is out of range for emergency use or connectivity with the app. The company anticipates a launch in Fall 2015 and the product is now available for pre-order on the company website.

Veta smart case