The review by Mooradian and colleagues concluded that adding a second agent to initial antihyperglycemic monotherapy reduces HbA1c by an additional percentage point. Combination first-line therapy also has the potential to minimize side effects and, when a combination pill is use, enhance adherence. Possible drawbacks include difficulty determining the source of side effects when two agents are initiated simultaneously, the inability to determine whether similar efficacy could have been achieved with a single agent, cost, and the risk of hypoglycemia.3 (Combination oral antihyperglycemic therapy that includes an insulin secretagogue, such as a sulfonylurea, carries a significant risk of hypoglycemia.1)

Current consensus and position statements recommend that the management of type 2 diabetes, including targeted goals, be individualized to take into account factors such as the patient’s age, presence of comorbidities, and risk of hypoglycemia.1,2 The array of drugs currently available for antihyperglycemic therapy makes such individualization possible. 


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