Future Research into Celebrity Influence

Building on the previous analysis, Hoffman et al recently published an article3 describing protocol for a systematic review, meta-analysis, and meta-regression analysis, designed to examine “the extent of the impact that celebrities have in shaping the public’s health-related knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, and status.” The review will address three questions:

1.     Which health-related outcomes are influenced by celebrities?

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2.     How large of an impact do celebrities actually have on these health-related outcomes?

3.     Under what circumstances do celebrities produce either beneficial or harmful impacts?

The researchers plan to include both quantitative and qualitative studies, encompassing studies from all settings and countries that examine the impact of celebrity health activities on individuals or groups of individuals. Interventions studies will include health-related campaigns, news events, programs, or statements, with outcomes divided into short-, medium-, and long-term effects. The review will analyze both positive and negative influences, and defined a “health-related behavior” as “any action that may promote or diminish one’s health status, be that physical, mental, or emotional well-being.”3

The authors state that their team is “committed to engaging in a series of knowledge translation activities” to disseminate their findings to a ‘wide range of stakeholders in the public health arena” so that celebrities will be involved in promoting ‘positive health messages through opportunistic moments, while working in partnership to mitigate the potentially negative impact that celebrities might have.”3


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Table 1—Types of Databases Used to Identify Mechanisms of Celebrity Influence

• Medical
• Marketing/business
• Communications
• Psychology
• Culture
• Political Science
• Neuroscience
• Sociology

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