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CDC: Prescription Opioid Use Stable Since 2006

First State Adds Locking Devices to Rx Bottles to Deter Abuse, Misuse

Illinois will be the first state in the United States to test a pilot program evaluating locking devices on prescription medication bottles to deter abuse and misuse. Participating pharmacies will place numerical locking devices (similar to those used on gym lockers) on the bottles of prescription pain medications that contain hydrocodone to prevent unauthorized access…

Pair of Aedes albopictus mosquitoes

Did A Mosquito Bite Cause This Patient’s Vision Loss?

Vision problems may be an underreported effect of chikungunya fever after a patient who contracted the illness suffered from permanent vision loss after her right optic nerve swelled as part of her body’s inflammatory reaction to the virus.

When the “Masks” in Medicine Crack

Doctors have a variety of identifiers that indicate their profession and expertise in medicine: scrubs, white coats, and stethoscopes, to name a few. However, they also may wear metaphorical “masks” when delivering bad news to patients or families that are difficult to emotionally maintain at times.

What the Results of a 12-Year Study Tell Us About Measles-Containing Vaccines

Hexavalent Vaccine Could Reduce ‘Shot Burden’ for Infants

The safety and immunogenicity of the first pediatric combination vaccine directed against six diseases is comparable to analogous licensed component vaccines and could help to alleviate “shot burden,” reports a new study in Pediatrics on this novel investigational vaccine.

Seeking the Fountain of Youth in a Pill

Historians now believe that Juan Ponce de León’s search for the Fountain of Youth was a myth, but that hasn’t stopped scientists from seeking their own solutions to combat aging.