Ganirelix acetate inj Rx

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Ganirelix acetate inj

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Generic Name and Formulations:

Ganirelix acetate 250mcg per 0.5mL; soln for SC inj.

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Indications for Ganirelix acetate inj:

Inhibition of premature LH surges in women undergoing controlled ovarian hyperstimulation.


After initiating FSH on day 2 or 3 of the cycle: 250mcg once daily SC during the mid to late follicular phase. Continue until the day of hCG.


Not applicable.


Pregnancy (Cat.X). Nursing mothers.


Do complete gynecological and endocrinological exam first. Latex allergy.

Pharmacological Class:

GnRH antagonist.

Adverse Reactions:

Abdominal pain (gynecological), fetal death, headache, ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, vaginal bleeding, injection site reactions, nausea, GI pain.

How Supplied:

Prefilled syringe—1, 5, 50