Thanksgiving Dinner Calories Top 24,000 For Group of Ten

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Thanksgiving is a day for celebrating with family and friends, usually with traditional holiday fare including (but not limited to) turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, and desserts. Even with small portions the total number of calories can add up quickly, especially when factoring in alcohol and snacks before and after the main meal. In this estimate, the number of calories consumed by ten adults during a typical Thanksgiving dinner was 24,165; the person who consumed the most calories (3,690) drank three glasses of wine and ate two dinner rolls before the meal even began. For side dishes, the macaroni and cheese packed the biggest punch at 200 calories per 4.9oz. serving, beating the sweet potato soufflé at 180 calories for the same portion size. Not surprisingly, dessert was a significant contributor with slices of pecan pie and cheesecake at 450 and 330 calories per slice, respectively. Making healthier choices at Thanksgiving doesn’t mean giving up on your favorite holiday foods; adding a salad as a starter can provide nutrients and fiber to prevent overindulging on less healthy options. Side dish staples like green bean casserole can be modified with a few ingredient changes to reduce calories and fat, but not taste. Fruit-based desserts can satisfy a sweet tooth, but with less added sugar than other dishes to end the meal. Lastly, drink alcohol in moderation – or better yet, skip the booze and drink plenty of water before and throughout the meal.

Thanksgiving Dinner Calories Top 24,000
Thanksgiving Dinner Calories Top 24,000

The Rossen Reports team threw an early Thanksgiving dinner for one family, without telling them that every calorie they consumed was being logged and analyzed. The results were startling.