Vyvgart Hytrulo

  • Myasthenia gravis

Vyvgart Hytrulo Generic Name & Formulations

General Description

Efgartigimod alfa 1008mg, hyaluronidase-qvfc 11200 Units; per single-dose vial; soln for SC inj; preservative-free.

Pharmacological Class

Neonatal Fc receptor blocker + endoglycosidase.

How Supplied

Single-dose vial (5.6mL)—1


Generic Availability


Mechanism of Action

Efgartigimod alfa-fcab is a human IgG1 antibody fragment that binds to the neonatal Fc receptor (FcRn), resulting in the reduction of circulating IgG. Hyaluronidase is an endoglycosidase that increases permeability of the subcutaneous tissue by depolymerizing hyaluronan.

Vyvgart Hytrulo Indications


Generalized myasthenia gravis (gMG) in adults who are anti-acetylcholine receptor (AChR) antibody positive.

Vyvgart Hytrulo Dosage and Administration


Give by SC inj into the abdomen (at least 2–3 inches away from the navel); rotate inj sites. 1008mg/11,200 Units over 30–90secs once weekly for 4 weeks. Administer subsequent cycles based on clinical evaluation. Safety of initiating subsequent cycles sooner than 50 days from the start of the previous treatment cycle: not established.


Not established.

Vyvgart Hytrulo Contraindications

Not Applicable

Vyvgart Hytrulo Boxed Warnings

Not Applicable

Vyvgart Hytrulo Warnings/Precautions


Increased risk of infection; monitor. Delay treatment in those with an active infection until resolved. If serious infection occurs, treat appropriately and consider withholding Vyvgart Hytrulo until resolved. Evaluate for age-appropriate vaccinations according to guidelines prior to initiation of a new treatment cycle. Monitor for hypersensitivity reactions during and for 30mins thereafter; treat appropriately if occur. Moderate or severe renal impairment. Pregnancy. Nursing mothers.

Vyvgart Hytrulo Pharmacokinetics


Volume of distribution: 15 to 20 L.


Proteolytic enzymes.


Half-life: 80–120 hours (3–5 days).

Vyvgart Hytrulo Interactions


Concomitant live or live-attenuated vaccines: not recommended. May antagonize immunoglobulin products, monoclonal antibodies, or antibody derivatives containing the human Fc domain of the IgG subclass; closely monitor for reduced effects; if concomitant long-term use is necessary, consider discontinuing Vyvgart Hytrulo and use alternatives.

Vyvgart Hytrulo Adverse Reactions

Adverse Reactions

Respiratory tract infection, headache, urinary tract infection, paresthesia, myalgia, inj site reactions.

Vyvgart Hytrulo Clinical Trials

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Vyvgart Hytrulo Note

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Vyvgart Hytrulo Patient Counseling

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