Tetanus immunization.

Adults and Children:

<7yrs: not recommended. Give IM in anterolateral thigh or deltoid. ≥7yrs: Previously unvaccinated: three 0.5mL doses at elected date, then 4–8 weeks after first dose, and 6–12 months after second dose. Give booster dose at 11–12 yrs of age if last dose of tetanus and diphtheria toxoid-containing vaccine was given ≥5yrs ago. Other: give booster every 10 years.


Latex allergy. Previous arthus-type hypersensitivity reaction: do not give more frequently than every 10 years. Defer in moderate or severe active respiratory or other febrile infection (may vaccinate if mild or minor illness) or during polio outbreak. Guillain-Barre syndrome within 6 weeks of last tetanus vaccine. Bleeding disorders. Immunosuppressed. Have epinephrine (1:1000) available. Elderly. Pregnancy (Cat.C). Nursing mothers.

Pharmacologic Class:

Tetanus vaccine.


May get suboptimal response with immunosuppressants (eg, chemotherapy, high dose corticosteroids ≥2 weeks, radiation); consider deferring.

Adverse Reactions:

Local reactions (eg, erythema, tenderness), malaise, fever, hypotension, pain, nausea, arthralgia; rare: neurological disorders.

How Supplied:

Single-dose vials (latex free)—10
Multi-dose vial (5mL)—1