Indications for: Pyrazinamide

Susceptible pulmonary tuberculosis.

Adults and Children:

15–30mg/kg once daily; max 2g daily. Or 50–70mg/kg twice weekly based on lean body weight.

Pyrazinamide Contraindications:

Severe hepatic damage. Acute gout.

Pyrazinamide Warnings/Precautions:

Use with other antituberculars. Monitor hepatic function and serum uric acid before and during therapy. Hepatocellular damage or hyperuricemia with acute gouty arthritis: discontinue. Patients at risk for hepatitis (eg, alcoholism). Diabetes (blood glucose may be harder to control). HIV: see literature. Pregnancy (Cat.C). Nursing mothers.

Pyrazinamide Classification:

Nicotinamide analogue.

Pyrazinamide Interactions:

May interfere with Acetest or Ketostix.

Adverse Reactions:

Hepatitis, liver dysfunction, gout, GI disturbances, arthralgia, myalgia, blood dyscrasias (rare).

How Supplied:

Contact supplier.