Bacterial infections:

Indications for PRIMAXIN IM 500:

Susceptible mild to moderate infections including lower respiratory tract, intraabdominal, skin and skin structure, gynecologic. IM form not for severe or life-threatening infections.


Base dose on imipenem component. Lower respiratory tract, skin and skin structure, gynecologic: mild to moderate: 500–750mg every 12 hours. Intraabdominal: 750mg every 12 hours. CrCl <20mL/min: not recommended.


Not recommended.


IM: Allergy to amide-type local anesthetics. Heart block. Severe shock.


Penicillin, cephalosporin, or other allergy. CNS disorders (esp. brain lesions or seizures). Renal impairment: reduce dose. Hemodialysis: see literature. GI disease (esp. colitis). IM: prepare with lidocaine (see literature). Pregnancy (Cat.C). Nursing mothers.

Pharmacologic Class:

Carbapenem (thienamycin) + dehydropeptidase I inhibitor.


Concomitant ganciclovir (increased seizure risk), probenecid: not recommended. May antagonize valproic acid; monitor (consider alternative therapy).

Adverse Reactions:

Local reactions, GI upset, confusion, myoclonia, seizures, changes in serum electrolytes, dizziness, somnolence, anaphylaxis, blood dyscrasias, elevated liver enzymes, fever, rash, hypotension.

How Supplied:

Vials (IV)—25
Vials (IM)—10