Indications for: PNEUMOVAX 23

Immunization against pneumococcal disease caused by approximately 85–90% of common U.S. isolates.

Adults and Children:

<2yrs: not recommended. ≥2yrs: 0.5mL IM or SC once in deltoid muscle or lateral mid-thigh.

PNEUMOVAX 23 Contraindications:

Not for routine revaccination after previous pneumococcal vaccination in immunocompetent patients. Within 14 days of immunosuppressive therapy.

PNEUMOVAX 23 Warnings/Precautions:

Severe cardiac or pulmonary disease where a systemic reaction would pose a significant risk. May defer in acute febrile respiratory illness or other active infection. Do not discontinue antipneumococcal prophylactic antibiotic therapy. Have epinephrine inj (1:1000) available. Pregnancy (Cat.C). Nursing mothers.

Adverse Reactions:

Inj site reactions, low grade fever.

How Supplied:

Multidose vials—1,10; Single-dose vials—10