Indications for: PHEXXI

On-demand method of contraception.

Limitations of Use:

Not effective for preventing pregnancy when administered after intercourse.

Adult Dosage:

Insert one applicatorful vaginally immediately before or up to 1hr before each act of intercourse. Must apply additional dose if more than 1 act of intercourse occurs within 1hr. May use during any part of the menstrual cycle. May be used with hormonal contraceptives, condoms, vaginal diaphragms, other products for vaginal infections (eg, miconazole, metronizazole, tioconazole).

Children Dosage:

Premenarche: not indicated.

PHEXXI Warnings/Precautions:

History of recurrent urinary tract infection or urinary tract abnormalities: avoid use. Pregnancy.

PHEXXI Classification:

Vaginal pH regulator.

PHEXXI Interactions:

Avoid contraceptive vaginal rings.

Adverse Reactions:

Vulvovaginal effects (burning sensation, pruritus, mycotic infection, discomfort, pain), urinary tract infection, bacterial vaginosis, vaginal discharge, genital discomfort, dysuria; cystitis, pyelonephritis, hypersensitivity reaction.

Generic Drug Availability:


How Supplied:

Prefilled single-dose vaginal applicators—12

Pricing for PHEXXI

twelve 5g applicators of 1.8%/1%/0.4% box (Qty: 1)
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