• Intermittent claudication

Pentoxifylline Generic Name & Formulations

General Description

Pentoxifylline 400mg; ext-rel tabs.

Pharmacological Class

Hemorrheologic agent (xanthine).

How Supplied

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Pentoxifylline Indications


Intermittent claudication.

Pentoxifylline Dosage and Administration


400mg three times daily with meals. Continue for at least 8 weeks. Digestive or CNS effects: lower dosage to 400mg twice daily; discontinue if side effects persist. Severe renal impairment (CrCl <30mL/min): 400mg once daily.


Not established.

Pentoxifylline Contraindications


Recent cerebral or retinal hemorrhage. Methylxanthines intolerance (eg, caffeine, theophylline, theobromine).

Pentoxifylline Boxed Warnings

Not Applicable

Pentoxifylline Warnings/Precautions


Discontinue if anaphylactic/anaphylactoid reaction occurs. Monitor for bleeding including hematocrit, hemoglobin in patients with hemorrhagic risk factors (eg, recent surgery, peptic ulcer, cerebral and/or retinal bleeding). Renal or hepatic impairment. Elderly. Pregnancy (Cat.C). Nursing mothers: not recommended.

Pentoxifylline Pharmacokinetics

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Pentoxifylline Interactions


See Contraindications. May potentiate antihypertensives; monitor BP. Concomitant theophylline-containing drugs; monitor closely and adjust dose. Bleeding with concomitant NSAIDs, anticoagulants, or platelet aggregation inhibitors. Concomitant warfarin; monitor PT frequently. May be potentiated by strong CYP1A2 inhibitors (eg, ciprofloxacin, fluvoxamine), cimetidine.

Pentoxifylline Adverse Reactions

Adverse Reactions

GI upset, nausea, dyspepsia, flushing, agitation, headache, dizziness, insomnia, blurred vision.

Pentoxifylline Clinical Trials

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Pentoxifylline Note


Formerly known under the brand name Trental.

Pentoxifylline Patient Counseling

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