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Pedmark Generic Name & Formulations

General Description

Sodium thiosulfate 12.5g; per vial; soln for IV use; preservative-free; may contain sodium sulfite.

How Supplied

Single-dose vial (100mL)—1

Pedmark Indications


To reduce the risk of ototoxicity associated with cisplatin in patients ≥1 month of age with localized, non-metastatic solid tumors.

Limitations of Use

Safety and efficacy has not established when administered following cisplatin infusions longer than 6 hours. May not reduce the risk of ototoxicity when administered following longer cisplatin infusions, because irreversible ototoxicity may have already occurred.

Pedmark Dosage and Administration

Adults and Children

<1month: not established. Give by IV infusion over 15mins. Premedicate with antiemetics prior to each infusion. To minimize potential interference with antitumor activity of cisplatin: administer Pedmark 6hrs after completion of a cisplatin infusion; for multiday cisplatin regimens, give Pedmark 6hrs after completion of each cisplatin infusion and at least 10hrs before the next cisplatin infusion (do not give Pedmark if next cisplatin infusion is scheduled to begin in <10hrs). ≥1month (<5kg): 10g/m2; (5–10kg): 15g/m2; (≥10kg): 20g/m2. Dose modifications: see full labeling.

Pedmark Contraindications

Not Applicable

Pedmark Boxed Warnings

Not Applicable

Pedmark Warnings/Precautions


Not substitutable with other sodium thiosulfate products. Ensure serum sodium level is within normal range prior to initiation. Discontinue immediately if hypersensitivity reactions occur; treat appropriately. Sulfite sensitivity. Asthma. Monitor serum sodium and potassium levels at baseline, and as clinically indicated. Do not initiate if baseline serum sodium >145mmol/L. Monitor for signs/symptoms of hypernatremia or hypokalemia more closely if the GFR falls <60mL/min/1.73m2. Pregnancy. Nursing mothers. 

Pedmark Pharmacokinetics

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Pedmark Interactions

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Pedmark Adverse Reactions

Adverse Reactions

Vomiting, nausea, decreased hemoglobin, hypernatremia, hypokalemia; hypersensitivity reactions.

Pedmark Clinical Trials

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Pedmark Note

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Pedmark Patient Counseling

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