Neocate Junior

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Neocate Junior Generic Name & Formulations

General Description

Amino acids, carbohydrate (corn syrup solids), fat (fractionated coconut oil, canola oil, high oleic safflower oil), iron 1.4mg/100Cal, vitamins, minerals; unflavored or tropical fruit flavor.

Pharmacological Class

Children's formula with iron.

How Supplied

Pwd—14 oz


Neocate Junior Indications


Feeding children ages 1–10yrs with severe GI tract impairment, malabsorption, multiple food protein intolerance, cow milk protein intolerance or other conditions for which an amino acid-based diet is required.

Neocate Junior Dosage and Administration


Prepared as directed provides 30Cal/oz. May use SHS flavor packets with unflavored formula.

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