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Naglazyme Generic Name & Formulations

General Description

Galsulfase 1mg/mL; conc. soln for IV infusion after dilution; preservative-free.

Pharmacological Class

Recombinant human N-acetylgalactosamine 4-sulfatase enzyme.

How Supplied

Single-dose vial (5mL)—1

Generic Availability


Naglazyme Indications


Mucopolysaccharidosis VI (MPS VI).

Naglazyme Dosage and Administration

Adults and Children

<5yrs: not recommended. ≥5yrs: Give by IV infusion over 4 hours. Initial infusion rate: 6mL/hr for the first hour, then, if tolerated, may increase to 80mL/hr for the remaining 3 hours. May extend infusion time up to 20 hours if infusion reactions occur. Pretreat with antihistamines w/wo antipyretics 30–60mins prior to starting infusion. 1mg/kg once weekly.

Naglazyme Contraindications

Not Applicable

Naglazyme Boxed Warnings

Not Applicable

Naglazyme Warnings/Precautions


Discontinue if severe infusion reactions occur. Antihistamine pretreatment may increase risk of apneic episodes. Risk of acute cardiorespiratory failure in patients susceptible to fluid volume overload (eg, weighing ≤20kg, underlying respiratory illness, compromised cardiac and/or respiratory function). Consider evaluation of airway patency prior to treatment. Acute febrile or respiratory illness: delay infusion. Monitor for spinal/cervical cord compression (including back pain, limb paralysis, urinary and fecal incontinence). Pregnancy. Nursing mothers.

Naglazyme Pharmacokinetics

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Naglazyme Interactions

Naglazyme Adverse Reactions

Adverse Reactions

Rash, pain, urticaria, pyrexia, pruritus, chills, headache, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, dyspnea; infusion reactions.

Naglazyme Clinical Trials

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Naglazyme Note

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Naglazyme Patient Counseling

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