Indications for: MENQUADFI

Meningitis immunization.

Adults and Children:

<2yrs: not established. Give by IM inj only. Primary vaccination: ≥2yrs: 0.5mL once as single inj. Booster vaccination: ≥15yrs: may give a single (0.5mL) dose for those at continued risk, if at least 4yrs have elapsed since the prior dose.

MENQUADFI Contraindications:

Severe allergic reaction after a previous dose of MenQuadfi or any other tetanus toxoid-containing vaccine.

MENQUADFI Warnings/Precautions:

Not for the prevention of N. meningitidis serogroup B disease. Not a substitute for routine tetanus immunization. Have epinephrine inj (1:1000) available. History of Guillain-Barre syndrome. Immunosuppressed. Complement deficiency. Eculizumab therapy. Risk of syncope. Pregnancy. Nursing mothers.

MENQUADFI Classification:

Meningitis vaccine.

MENQUADFI Interactions:

Immunosuppressants may get suboptimal response. Concomitant other vaccines: see full labeling.

Adverse Reactions:

Inj site reactions (pain, erythema, swelling), myalgia, headache, malaise.


To enroll pregnant patients or obtain information call (800) 822-2463.

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How Supplied:

Single-dose vials—5

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