Pituitary disorders:

Indications for LUPRON DEPOT-PED:

Central precocious puberty.

Adult Dosage:

Not applicable.

Children Dosage:

<2yrs: not recommended. ≥2yrs: Individualize. Give by single IM inj once a month. ≤25kg: 7.5mg; 25–37.5kg: 11.25mg; >37.5kg: 15mg; if inadequate response with starting dose, may increase to next available higher dose. Also, dose may be adjusted with changes in body weight.

LUPRON DEPOT-PED Contraindications:

Pregnancy (Cat.X).

LUPRON DEPOT-PED Warnings/Precautions:

Confirm diagnosis. Monitor for psychiatric symptoms. History of seizures/epilepsy, cerebrovascular disorders, CNS anomalies or tumors: risk of convulsions. Monitor hormonal effects after 1–2 months of starting therapy, with dose changes and during treatment. Depot 3-Month: monitor at months 2–3, month 6 and as needed thereafter. Measure height and bone age velocity every 6–12 months. Exclude pregnancy before treatment. Nursing mothers: not recommended.

LUPRON DEPOT-PED Classification:

GnRH analogue.

LUPRON DEPOT-PED Interactions:

Caution with concomitant drugs that are associated with convulsions (eg, bupropion, SSRIs).

Adverse Reactions:

Transient exacerbation of symptoms, inj site reactions, pain, headache, emotional lability, hot flushes/sweating, acne/seborrhea, rash, vaginitis, vaginal discharge, syncope, GI upset, gynecomastia, weight increased, mood altered; convulsions.

How Supplied:

Depot-PED kit—1 (prefilled dual-chamber syringe w. diluent); Depot-PED 3 Month kit—1 (prefilled dual-chamber syringe w. diluent)


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