Icaps Mv

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Icaps Mv Generic Name & Formulations

General Description

Thiamine 1.5mg, riboflavin 10mg, niacin 10mg, pantothenic acid 10mg, Vit.B6 2mg, folic acid 400mcg, Vit.B12 6mcg, biotin 30mcg, Vit.C (as ascorbic acid) 512mg, Vit.D 400 IU, Vit.E 430 IU, Vit.K 25mcg, calcium (as carbonate) 300mg, copper (as cupric oxide) 3.6mg, chromium 120mcg, iodine 150mcg, magnesium 100mg, manganese 2mg, molybdenum 75mcg, phosphorus 140mg, potassium 80mg, selenium 40mcg, zinc (as oxide) 84.6mg, lutein 6.67mg, lycopene 0.3mg, zeaxanthin 3.33mg; per 4 coated del-rel tabs.

How Supplied


Icaps Mv Indications


Nutritional supplement for eye and overall body health.

Icaps Mv Dosage and Administration


Swallow whole. Take with food. 2 tabs twice daily.


Not recommended.

Icaps Mv Contraindications


Treatment of pernicious or other megaloblastic anemia. Wilson's disease.

Icaps Mv Boxed Warnings

Not Applicable

Icaps Mv Warnings/Precautions


Hypoparathyroidism. Folic acid may mask pernicious anemia.

Icaps Mv Pharmacokinetics

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Icaps Mv Adverse Reactions

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Icaps Mv Patient Counseling

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