Miscellaneous ocular agents:

Indications for HEALON5:

Eye surgery.


Inject through a fine cannula into the eye. Amount varies depending on surgery, repeated inj may be required. One syringe of 0.6mL is usually sufficient in anterior segment surgery.


Not recommended.


Single use only; reuse may cause inflammatory reaction. Glaucoma; consider prophylactic pressure-lowering treatment. Complete removal of soln necessary to avoid intraocular pressure peaks post-op.

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Pharmacologic Class:

Ophthalmic viscosurgical device.


Incompatibility, resulting in opalescence, between sodium hyaluronate and solutions containing quaternary ammonium ions (eg, detergents, benzalkonium chloride).

Adverse Reactions:

Transient rise in intraocular pressure, myopic shift (if product not completely removed).

How Supplied: