Fleet Enema Extra

  • Constipation and bowel cleansers

Fleet Enema Extra Generic Name & Formulations

General Description

Monobasic sodium phosphate 19g, dibasic sodium phosphate 7g; per 197mL; latex-free; contains 4.4g sodium per enema.

Pharmacological Class

Laxative (saline).

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    How Supplied

    Original enema—133mL; Extra—230mL


    Fleet Enema Extra Indications


    Occasional constipation or bowel cleansing before rectal exam.

    Fleet Enema Extra Dosage and Administration


    1 enema rectally daily; may be used up to 7 days. Results usually within 1–5mins; re-evaluate if no relief after 7 days.


    Use other forms.

    Fleet Enema Extra Contraindications


    Megacolon. Bowel obstruction. Imperforate anus. CHF.

    Fleet Enema Extra Boxed Warnings

    Not Applicable

    Fleet Enema Extra Warnings/Precautions


    Sodium restricted diet. Impaired renal or cardiac function. Electrolyte disturbances. Colostomy. Discontinue if rectal bleeding or if no bowel movement occurs. Frequent use leads to dependence. Pregnancy. Nursing mothers.

    Fleet Enema Extra Pharmacokinetics

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    Fleet Enema Extra Interactions


    Electrolyte imbalances possible with calcium channel blockers, diuretics; use cautiously.

    Fleet Enema Extra Adverse Reactions

    Not Applicable

    Fleet Enema Extra Clinical Trials

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    Fleet Enema Extra Note

    Not Applicable

    Fleet Enema Extra Patient Counseling

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