Indications for: CINQAIR

As add-on maintenance treatment of severe asthma in patients ≥18yrs old, and with an eosinophilic phenotype.

Limitations of Use:

Not for treating other eosinophilic conditions. Not for relief of acute bronchospasm or status asthmaticus.

Adult Dosage:

Give by IV infusion over 20–50mins. ≥18yrs: 3mg/kg once every 4 weeks.

Children Dosage:

<18yrs: not established.

CINQAIR Warnings/Precautions:

Should be administered by healthcare provider prepared to manage anaphylaxis. Observe patient for a period of time post-infusion; discontinue immediately if severe systemic reactions or anaphylaxis occur. Not for treating acute asthma symptoms or exacerbations. Treat pre-existing helminth infections before initiating therapy; discontinue Cinqair if treatment-resistant infection occurs while on therapy until resolves. Avoid abrupt cessation of systemic or inhaled corticosteroids upon Cinqair initiation; reduce dose gradually if appropriate. Reduction may be associated with systemic withdrawal symptoms and/or unmask previously suppressed conditions. Pregnancy. Nursing mothers.

CINQAIR Classification:

Interleukin-5 antagonist.

Adverse Reactions:

Oropharyngeal pain, elevated CPK, myalgia; anaphylaxis, malignancy.

Generic Drug Availability:


How Supplied:

Single-use vial—1