Ceralyte 50

  • Dehydration

Ceralyte 50 Generic Name & Formulations

General Description

Rice syrup solids 40g, sodium 50mEq, potassium 20mEq, chloride 40mEq, citrate 30mEq, Calories 160; per liter; pwd (mixed berry flavor) or ready-to-drink (lemon flavor).

Pharmacological Class

Fluid & electrolyte replacement.

How Supplied

Pwd packets: 10g (for 200mL)—24; 50g (for 1L)—12; Ready-to-Drink (11oz)—4


Ceralyte 50 Indications


Oral fluid and electrolyte replacement in mild (CeraLyte 50) to moderate (CeraLyte 70, CeraLyte 90) diarrhea.

Ceralyte 50 Dosage and Administration

Adults and Children

Take with food. Mix powder as directed per packet. Drink sufficient volume to replace fluid lost. Continue until diarrhea stops.

Ceralyte 50 Contraindications


As sole therapy in severe diarrhea. Intractable vomiting. Adynamic ileus. Intestinal obstruction. Perforated bowel. Anuria. Oliguria. Impaired homeostatic mechanisms.

Ceralyte 50 Boxed Warnings

Not Applicable

Ceralyte 50 Warnings/Precautions


Avoid sugary food/fruit drinks, colas.

Ceralyte 50 Pharmacokinetics

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Ceralyte 50 Interactions

Ceralyte 50 Adverse Reactions

Not Applicable

Ceralyte 50 Clinical Trials

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Ceralyte 50 Note

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Ceralyte 50 Patient Counseling

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