Immune-mediated blood disorders:

Indications for BAYRHO-D FULL DOSE:

Preventing Rho(D) sensitization in nonsensitized Rho(D) negative or Du negative patients to the Rho(D) factor, following pregnancy or accidental transfusion.


Each vial or syringe (approx. 300mcg) prevents sensitization to a volume of up to 15mL of Rh positive red blood cells. Administer IM at 28 weeks of gestation, within 72 hours of an Rh incompatible delivery, miscarriage, abortion, or transfusion accident.


Not recommended.


Rho(D) positive patients. Pregnancy (Cat.C).


Live vaccines. Have epinephrine available.

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Adverse Reactions:

Local reactions.

How Supplied:

Full Dose (single-dose syringes and vials)—1, 10; Mini-Dose (single-dose syringes)—10