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Anavip Generic Name & Formulations

General Description

Crotalidae Immune F(ab’)2 (equine) up to 120mg total protein; per vial; lyophilized pwd for IV infusion after reconstitution and dilution; contains cresol.

Pharmacological Class


How Supplied

Single-use vial—1

Generic Availability


Anavip Indications


Management of patients with North American Pit Viper envenomation.

Anavip Dosage and Administration

Adults and Children

Administer as soon as possible after North American Pit Viper bite at any signs of envenomation. Give by IV infusion over 60mins. First 10mins, proceed slowly at 25–50mL/hr rate; monitor for any allergic reactions. If no reactions occur, increase to 250mL/hr rate until complete. Initially: 10 vials. Observe for ≥60mins after completion of infusion; if no response, repeat additional 10 vial doses every hour until initial control achieved. Once initial control achieved, monitor for ≥18hrs; may give additional 4 vial doses as needed if symptoms re-emerge.

Anavip Contraindications

Not Applicable

Anavip Boxed Warnings

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Anavip Warnings/Precautions


Risk of anaphylactic reaction (esp. if allergic to horse protein). Discontinue immediately and treat if anaphylaxis or hypersensitivity reactions occur. Monitor for delayed allergic reactions or serum sickness; treat appropriately if necessary. Obtain CBCs, platelets, PT/PTT, serum fibrinogen levels, and routine serum chemistries prior to initiation and periodically thereafter. Risk of transmitting infectious agents (eg, viruses). Allergy to cresol. Pregnancy. Nursing mothers.

Anavip Pharmacokinetics

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Anavip Interactions

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Anavip Adverse Reactions

Adverse Reactions

Pruritus, nausea, rash, arthralgia, peripheral edema, myalgia, headache, pain in extremity, vomiting, erythema; hypersensitivity reactions, serum sickness.

Anavip Clinical Trials

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Anavip Note

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Anavip Patient Counseling

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