Cough and cold:

Indications for: AFRIN ORIGINAL

Nasal congestion.

Adults and Children:

<6yrs: individualize. ≥6yrs: 2–3 sprays in each nostril not more than every 10–12 hours. Max 2 doses/day.

AFRIN ORIGINAL Contraindications:

Use >3 days; may worsen nasal congestion.

AFRIN ORIGINAL Warnings/Precautions:

Heart disease. Hypertension. Thyroid disease. Diabetes. Urinary retention. Enlarged prostate. Pregnancy. Nursing mothers.

AFRIN ORIGINAL Classification:


Adverse Reactions:

Local effects (eg, burning, stinging, sneezing, increased nasal discharge).

How Supplied:

Original nasal spray—30mL; No Drip Original, Severe Congestion, Extra Moisturizing, Allergy Sinus—15mL