Cough and Cold

Limited Evidence for OTC Preps to Treat Nasal Symptoms of Colds

October 18, 2018

"Based on the currently available evidence, reassurance that symptoms are self-limiting is the best you can offer patients," the authors write.

Does Milk Consumption Increase Mucus Production?

September 24, 2018

Patients perceive swallowing difficulty from thickness of saliva, but no real increase in mucus

Infant PPI Use and Lung Infection Risk: Is There a Link?

By September 20, 2018

The data showed matched odds ratio for current vs past use of PPIs to be 0.88 (95% CI, 0.36 to 2.16) when comparing cases and their controls for community-acquired pneumonia. With regard to lower respiratory tract infections, the matched odds ratio between cases and their controls was 1.13 (95% CI, 0.87 to 1.48).

Data Support FDA Restrictions on Child Cough and Cold Medicines

July 16, 2018

Surveillance data showed more adverse events for children exposed to hydrocodone than codeine

Homeopathic Products for Teething, Nausea, Colic, Cough Recalled

By May 18, 2018

Recalled products include Teething Drops, Nausea Drops, Intestinal Colic Drops, Stomach Calm, Expectorant Cough Syrup, Silver-Zinc Throat Spray, and Argentum Elixir.

Labeling Error Prompts Recall of OTC Cough/Cold Product

By March 16, 2018

The affected packages are being recalled because the ingredients on the front sticker may not match the actual product in the carton.

Excess Acetaminophen Intake, Overdosing Seen During Cold/Flu Season

By March 08, 2018

"This is the first multi-year, year-round study that includes detailed data on how consumers used acetaminophen medications," said Dr. Shiffman.

FDA Approves Generic Mucinex DM Maximum Strength

By March 07, 2018

Mucinex DM Maximum Strength is indicated to manage coughs and break up mucus, making coughs more productive.

FDA: Prescription Opioid Cough/Cold Meds No Longer Indicated for Children

By January 11, 2018

These products will no longer be indicated for use in children, and their use in this age group is not recommended.

How Should Cough Associated With the Common Cold Be Treated?

November 08, 2017

Update recommends against nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents for adults, codeine for children

Higher RSV Hospitalization Risk in Preemies After 2014 Guidance

By October 18, 2017

A decline in immunoprophylaxis was associated with an increased risk of RSV hospitalization among infants 29-34 weeks gestational age who were <6 months of age for both commercial- and Medicaid-insured.

FDA Panel Will Focus on Cough Medicine Use in Kids at Upcoming Meeting

By August 21, 2017

Specifically, this panel of independent experts will discuss the the benefits and risk associated with the use of these products in this patient population as well as current treatment practices.

Review: Preventing the Common Cold with Vaccines

By June 06, 2017

Researchers found no statistically significant difference in common cold incidence with adenovirus vaccine versus placebo.

P2X3 Receptor Antagonist Investigated for Chronic Cough

By May 24, 2017

Results, measured by a recording device, found that those in the 50mg MK-7264 group had a statistically significant reduction in cough frequency of 37% when compared with placebo.

Zinc Lozenges Compared for Treating the Common Cold

By May 03, 2017

Zinc lozenges appear to benefit common cold outcomes through the release of free zinc ions into the oropharyngeal region.

Corticosteroid Tx Evaluated in Adults with Acute Sore Throat

April 18, 2017

At 48 hours, more patients receiving dexamethasone than placebo (35.4% vs 27.1%) had complete symptom resolution, which was also observed in patients not offered delayed antibiotics.

Patient Dies After Physician, Pharmacist Miss Important Drug Alert

By April 04, 2017

This case looks at the very important issue of drug information - specifically what should health care practitioners know about a medication before it is prescribed to a patient.

Vit C and the Common Cold: What's the Optimal Dose?

By March 30, 2017

Study authors concluded that a "significant dose-response relationship" existed between the vitamin C dose and duration of the common cold.

Can Vitamin D Supplementation Protect Against Acute Respiratory Infection?

February 17, 2017

To assess the efficacy of vitamin D in suppressing acute respiratory infections, researchers analyzed results from 25 randomized controlled trials which included over 11,000 participants.

NSAID Use During Respiratory Infection May Up MI Risk

By February 02, 2017

Use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) during acute respiratory infection may significantly increase the risk of heart attack, according to a new 7-year observational study.

Risk Factors for ACE Inhibitor-Induced Angioedema vs. Cough

By November 29, 2016

Characteristics were compared for 168 patients with angioedema and 121 with cough only.

Sugar-Free Generic Bromfed DM Gains Approval

By October 28, 2016

Acella has received approval for a sugar-free bioequivalent to the antihistamine/decongestant Bromfed DM Cough Syrup (brompheniramine maleate, pseudoephedrine hydrochloride, and dextromethorphan hydrobromide syrup, 2mg/30mg/10mg per 5mL).

Adverse Effects of Common Cough Medicine Ingredient Assessed in Children

By October 14, 2016

Based on data from a comprehensive surveillance program of OTC cough/cold medicine, no deaths were reported in children aged <12 years after ingestion of single-ingredient dextromethorphan product.

CDC: Falling Flu Vaccination Rates Concerning

September 30, 2016

There is some concern that some parents might not get their children vaccinated this season because only injectable flu vaccine is available.

New Vaporizing Rub with Rollerball Applicator Launched

By September 14, 2016

The Mentholatum Company announced the launch of Mentholatum No Mess Vaporizing Rub with Roll On Applicator for use in children aged ≥2 years for the cough and cold season.

Study ID's 7 Factors to Predict Child's Risk of Hospitalization for RTI

By September 06, 2016

A clinical rule developed by researchers from the United Kingdom can help general practitioners and nurses in primary care distinguish children at very low, normal, and high risk of future hospital admission for respiratory tract infection (RTI).

Rhinase Gel and Mist Launched for Nasal Dryness

By July 19, 2016

Profounda announced the launch of Rhinase Soothing Nasal Gel and Rhinase Lubricating Nasal Mist for use in patients with nasal dryness associated with allergies, low humidity, stuffy nose, and nosebleeds.

OTC Antihistamine May Help Reverse Vision Damage in MS Patients

By April 13, 2016

Clemastine fumarate, an over-the-counter (OTC) antihistamine, was found to partially reverse vision damage in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), according to a preliminary study that will be presented at the AAN 68th Annual Meeting.

Efficacy of DTaP, Tdap Holds Despite Pertactin Deficiency

April 12, 2016

Despite an increased proportion of Bordetella pertussis isolates lacking pertactin, vaccine effectiveness (VE) is still high in Vermont for the five-dose diphtheria, tetanus, and acellular pertussis vaccine (DTaP) series and the tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis vaccine (Tdap).

Generic Mucinex Maximum Strength Launched

By March 23, 2016

Perrigo and Allergan announced the launch of Guaifenesin Extended-Release Tablets, the generic version of Reckitt Benckiser's Mucinex Maximum Strength.