Clinical Quiz

Clinical Challenge: Flesh Colored, Polypoid Lesion on the Abdomen

A 70 year old man presents with a growth on his abdomen that is frequently traumatized by clothing. The lesion was first noted approximately 2 years ago and has gradually increased in size. Examination reveals a flesh-colored, polypoid projection with a firm base. Palpation does not elicit tenderness. No similar lesions are noted elsewhere.

Clinical Challenge: Asymptomatic Filiform Plaque on the Scalp

A 76-year-old man presents with a growth on his scalp. He denies history of skin cancer and is in good health. The lesion has been present for as long as the patient can remember. The growth is asymptomatic although occasionally traumatized when he combs his hair. Examination reveals a 2cm flesh-colored plaque with filiform projections.…

Clinical Challenge: Tender Lesions on the Ear

A 70-year-old man presents for evaluation of a lesion on his left ear that is slightly tender. He first noted it approximately 2 months ago. He denies localized bleeding or other symptoms. He has no history of skin cancer. Examination reveals a 0.4cm papule with a central crust. Scattered actinic keratoses and lentigos are noted on his face.

Clinical Challenge: Hyperpigmented Axillary Macules

A 9-year-old girl presents for treatment of poison ivy. Upon examination, hyperpigmented macules are observed in the axillae, and her mother reports first noting these several months ago. The macules are asymptomatic. Family history is negative for genodermatoses including neurofibromatosis. The child is of normal development and mentation, and no additional cutaneous abnormalities are observed.