Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Once-Daily, Nebulized Bronchodilator Approved for COPD Treatment

By November 09, 2018

The most common adverse events reported with therapy were cough, nasopharyngitis, upper respiratory tract infection, headache, and back pain.

Does Long-Term Benzodiazepine Use Up Mortality in COPD, PTSD?

October 18, 2018

No difference in mortality, but risk for suicide elevated with long-term benzodiazepine use

Stiolto Respimat Labeling Updated With COPD Exacerbation Data, Revised Indication

By October 11, 2018

In addition to the new exacerbation data, the indication for Stiolto Respimat has been revised.

Revefenacin Cuts COPD Exacerbation Rates in Phase 3 Studies

By September 18, 2018

Pooled data from two identical 12-week pivotal Phase 3 trials (N=1229) in patients with moderate to very severe COPD showed that the mean annualized rate of all COPD exacerbations was 0.47, 0.45, and 0.55 for revefenacin 175mcg/day, 88mcg/day, and placebo, respectively.

FDA: More Data Required to Support Mepolizumab Approval for COPD

By September 11, 2018

In their Complete Response Letter, the FDA stated that they require more clinical data to support approval.

Hailie Sensor Gets FDA Clearance for Additional Asthma Inhalers

By July 27, 2018

The Hailie sensor attaches to the asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) inhaler to monitor and help patient adherence.

Umeclidinium/Vilanterol Efficacy Assessed in Elderly COPD Patients

By July 06, 2018

Study authors performed a post hoc pooled analysis of data from 10 trials to assess the safety and efficacy of umeclidinium/vilanterol in elderly symptomatic patients with COPD.

Use of Palliative Care, Oxygen Therapy Increasing for COPD

July 03, 2018

Increase in use of formal palliative care services, long-term oxygen, but proportions still remain low

Zephyr Valve Approved for Treating Patients With Severe Emphysema

By July 02, 2018

The approval was based on results from a multicenter study (LIBERATE) of 190 patients with severe emphysema.

Trelegy Ellipta Gains Expanded COPD Indication, Loses Boxed Warning

By April 24, 2018

The drug consists of fluticasone furoate, an inhaled corticosteroid (ICS), umeclidinium, a long-acting muscarinic antagonist, and vilanterol, a long-acting beta2-adrenergic agonist (LABA), delivered via an Ellipta dry powder inhaler.

Lonhala Magnair Now Available for Long-Term COPD Maintenance

By April 03, 2018

Lonhala Magnair is available as a 25mcg strength inhalation solution per 1mL vial.

Two Inhalers Go Head-to-Head in COPD Exacerbation Study

By March 29, 2018

Study authors concluded, "Combining tiotropium and olodaterol did not reduce exacerbation rate as much as expected compared with tiotropium alone."

Combo LABA/LAMA Therapy Improves Cardiac Function in COPD

By February 23, 2018

Results demonstrated that after indacaterol-glycopyrronium treatment, left-ventricular end-diastolic volume increased from a mean 55.46mL/m2 (SD 15.89) at baseline to a least-squares (LS) mean of 61.76mL/m2 (95% CI 57.68-65.84).

Does Long-Term ICS Use Increase Fracture Risk in COPD Patients?

By February 05, 2018

Long-term ICS exposure at high doses was associated with a modest but significant increase in the risk of hip or upper extremity fractures.

New LABA, LAMA Use May Increase Cardiovascular Disease Risk in COPD

January 04, 2018

New use of long-acting 2-agonists, antimuscarinic antagonists tied to higher CVD risk in first 30 days

First Nebulized LAMA Approved for COPD

By December 06, 2017

Adults treated with Lonhala Magnair showed statistically significant and clinically important changes from baseline in trough forced expiratory volume in 1 second (FEV1) at Week 12 vs placebo.

COPD Exacerbation Risk Reduced With LAMA Plus LABA

October 04, 2017

Also might result in greater improvement in FEV1 than LABA plus corticosteroids

Single Inhaler Triple Therapy Approved for COPD

By September 18, 2017

Trelegy Ellipta combines fluticasone furoate, an inhaled corticosteroid with umeclidinium, an anticholinergic and vilanterol, a long-acting β2-adrenergic agonist (LABA).

Symbicort Gains Expanded COPD Indication

By September 14, 2017

The studies examined the efficacy of Symbicort pressurized metered dose inhaler (pMDI) 160/4.5mcg vs. formoterol 4.5mcg in reducing COPD exacerbations in adults with moderate to severe COPD.

Statin Use May Reduce Mortality Risk in COPD

September 08, 2017

Statin exposure associated with lower all-cause, pulmonary mortality

Tiotropium Evaluated in Mild to Moderate COPD

September 07, 2017

Daily inhaled dose tied to improvements in FEV1 compared to placebo

Healthy Diet May Lower COPD Risk

February 24, 2017

In current smokers, each extra daily serving tied to an 8 percent lower risk

Efficacy of COPD Combo Therapies Compared

By February 23, 2017

Clinical guidelines currently recommend LABA/LAMA therapy as an alternative to LABA/ICS but evidence on the comparative effectiveness of these combination therapies for COPD is limited.