Drugs Contraindicated in Pregnancy

Drugs Contraindicated in Pregnancy
This chart represents information on select drugs that are contraindicated in women who are pregnant. Drugs that are contraindicated at a certain phase of pregnancy are noted.
Generic Brand Contraindicated Trimester
methyltestosterone All
oxandrolone All
testosterone1 Androderm, Androgel, Fortesta, Testim All
testosterone cypionate Depo-testosterone All
testosterone enanthate Xyosted All
griseofulvin Gris-Peg All
metronidazole Flagyl 1st trimester for trichomoniasis
nitrofurantoin Macrobid, Macrodantin Pregnancy at term (38-42wks)
ribavirin Virazole All
sulfadiazine Pregnancy at term
sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim Bactrim Advise patients of the potential risk
of embryo-fetal toxicity
tinidazole Tindamax 1st trimester
ambrisentan Letairis All
amlodipine/atorvastatin Caduet All
atorvastatin Lipitor All
bosentan Tracleer All
dipyridamole/aspirin 3rd trimester
dronedarone Multaq All
ezetimibe/simvastatin Vytorin All
fluvastatin Lescol XL All
lovastatin Altoprev All
pitavastatin Livalo All
pravastatin All
rosuvastatin Crestor All
simvastatin Zocor All
warfarin2 All
acitretin All
diclofenac sodium (topical) Late pregnancy (≥30wks)4
finasteride Propecia All
isotretinoin Absorica, Claravis All
silver sulfadiazine Silvadene Late pregnancy
tazarotene Avage, Tazorac All
cetrorelix Cetrotide All
choriogonadotropin alfa Ovidrel All
clomiphene All
follitropin alfa Gonal-F All
follitropin beta Follistim All
ganirelix acetate All
goserelin Zoladex3 All
leuprolide acetate Lupron Depot All
medroxyprogeterone acetate Depo-SubQ Provera All
menotropins Menopur All
methylergonovine Methergine All
mifepristone Mifeprex All
nafarelin acetate Synarel All
abiraterone acetate Zytiga1 All
bexarotene Targretin All
bicalutamide Casodex1 All
degarelix Firmagon Advise patients of the potential risk of embryo-fetal toxicity
fluorouracil Efudex All
lenalidomide Revlimid All
leuprolide acetate Eligard Advise patients of the potential risk
of embryo-fetal toxicity
methotrexate Trexall, Rasuvo All
raloxifene Evista All
thalidomide Thalomid All
triptorelin pamoate Trelstar Advise patients of the potential risk of embryo-fetal toxicity
acetaminophen/aspirin/caffeine Excedrin Migraine Late pregnancy (≥30wks)4
aspirin Bayer, Ecotrin, Durlaza Late pregnancy (≥30wks)4
aspirin/caffeine/salicylamide BC Original Formula, BC Arthritis Strength Late pregnancy (≥30wks)4
butalbital/aspirin/caffeine Fiorinal Late pregnancy (≥30wks)4
butalbital/aspirin/caffeine/codeine Fiorinal w. Codeine Late pregnancy (≥30wks)4
carisoprodol/aspirin/codeine Late pregnancy (≥30wks)4
celecoxib Celebrex Late pregnancy (≥30wks)4
choline magnesium trisalicylate Pregnancy at term
diclofenac potassium Zipsor Late pregnancy (≥30wks)4
diclofenac sodium/misoprostol Arthrotec All
diflunisal Late pregnancy (≥30wks)4
dihydroergotamine mesylate D.H.E. 45, Migranal All
ergotamine tartrate/caffeine All
etodolac Late pregnancy (≥30wks)4
fenoprofen calcium Nalfon Late pregnancy (≥30wks)4
flurbiprofen Late pregnancy (≥30wks)
hydrocodone bitartrate/ibuprofen Late pregnancy (≥30wks)
ibuprofen Advil, Caldolor, Motrin Late pregnancy (≥30wks)4
ibuprofen/famotidine Duexis Late pregnancy (≥30wks)4
ketoprofen Late pregnancy (≥30wks)4
ketorolac Late pregnancy (≥30wks)4
mefenamic acid Ponstel Late pregnancy (≥30wks)4
meloxicam Mobic Late pregnancy (≥30wks)4
nabumetone Late pregnancy (≥30wks)4
naproxen sodium Aleve, Naprelan Late pregnancy (≥30wks)4
naproxen/esomeprazole Vimovo Late pregnancy (≥30wks)4
oxaprozin Daypro Late pregnancy (≥30wks)4
oxycodone HCl/aspirin Percodan Late pregnancy (≥30wks)4
piroxicam Feldene Late pregnancy (≥30wks)4
salsalate Late pregnancy
estazolam All
flurazepam All
hydroxyzine Vistaril Early pregnancy
temazepam Restoril All
acetohydroxamic acid Lithostat All
benzphetamine All
denosumab Prolia All
dutasteride HCl Avodart1 All
dutasteride/tamsulosin HCl Jalyn1 All
finasteride Proscar1 All
histrelin acetate Supprelin LA All
leflunomide Arava All
megestrol acetate Megace ES All
miglustat Zavesca Advise patients of the potential risk of embryo-fetal toxicity
misoprostol Cytotec All
orlistat Xenical All
probenecid/colchicine All
tesamorelin Egrifta All

1 Women of reproductive potential should also avoid handling capsules or crushed/broken tablets, or any skin contact with application sites.

2 Contraindicated in pregnancy except in pregnant women with mechanical heart valves, who are at high risk of thromboembolism, and for whom the benefits of therapy may outweigh the risks.

3 Contraindicated in pregnancy unless used for palliative treatment of advanced breast cancer.

4 If needed between 20-30wks gestation, use lowest effective dose and shortest duration; monitor.

Not an inclusive list of medications. Please see drug monograph at www.eMPR.com and/or contact company for full drug labeling.

(Rev. 5/2022)