CES 2017: New Health-Related Technology

  • K'Track glucose monitor

    K'Track glucose monitor

    The K'Track allows users to self-monitor their glucose levels without the need for blood tests. It works by using a biosensor and can take unlimited measurements, with results synced to a smart phone app.

  • QardioCore


    QardioCore is a wire- and patch-less ECG monitor that lets the user track and record heart health data to their smartphone.

  • Ara Toothbrush

    Ara Toothbrush

    Designed to promote healthy habits and make brushing your teeth fun, for kids and adults. It retails at $79.

  • A&D blood pressure monitors

    A&D blood pressure monitors

    A&D's new portable blood pressure monitors are light-weight and designed to be used on the go. The accompanying app can automatically detect the monitors.

  • The Dopple

    The Dopple

    The makers claim the Dopple can help wearers stay alert or calm, depending on their needs. It works by emitting a vibration that feels like a heartbeat, which the brain responds to, similar – the makers say – to the effect of upbeat or down beat music.

  • PogoCam


    Weighing less than two dimes, PogoCam attaches magnetically to eyewear having a proprietary track called PogoTrack. PogoCam allows a user to capture images and video with audio taken by a typical user during the course of a day.

  • Temp Traq

    Temp Traq

    Each Temp Traq patch monitors a child's temperature for up to 48 hours, sending data real-time to a smartphone app.

  • Willow


    Willow is a wearable breast pump, fitting in a bra, allowing mothers greater mobility.

  • Aipoly


    Using the app, visually-impaired users can point to objects with their smartphones and the app will name those objects aloud. It works by using artificial intelligence which understands the camera's input.

  • Rapael Smart Glove

    Rapael Smart Glove

    This ergonomically-designed hand muscle rehabilitation glove helps stroke patients improve functionality which is then tracked via a computer program.

  • BeamPro


    BeamPro is like Skype on wheels. Users can activate the BeamPro and move around in a 3D space, allowing them to be 'there', without really being there.

  • PillDrill


    PillDrill allows a patient, their loved ones, and their doctor, to track medication adherence via scanning. The kit retails at $199, with additional pill strips and scanning tags costing $29.95 and $12.95, respectively.

  • Trak – Male Fertility Testing

    Trak – Male Fertility Testing

    This home testing kit can quantify the number of sperm cells a man has, improving chances of conception.

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Each year the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) exhibits the latest technological innovations, including new health-related technology. The 2017 exhibit, which featured over three thousand exhibits, has just wrapped up and we've sifted through and picked out some of the top medical products from this year's exhibit.