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HPV Vaccination and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes: Is There a Link?

By Dec 06, 2018

Results of a recent population-based study found that unintended human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination during pregnancy does not increase the risk of spontaneous abortion, stillbirth, or infant mortality.

Does Gestational Age at Birth Impact Seizure Risk Following Receipt of Measles Vaccine?

By Dec 05, 2018

The study utilized the Vaccine Safety Datalink and included children who received the first dose of a measles-containing vaccine between 12 and 23 months old during the study period of January 1, 2003 to September 20, 2015.

Glycemic Control, Weight Changes, Hypoglycemia Risk: Diabetes Drugs Compared

By Dec 04, 2018

Important similarities and differences of 6 non-insulin antihyperglycemic drug classes were highlighted in a recently published meta-analysis.

Real-World Data Show Rising HCV Epidemic Among Young Adults

By Nov 21, 2018

The study included 17,149,480 patients obtained from 2 national laboratory datasets who were screened between 2013 and 2016 based on an AB test.

HCV Reinfection Rates Examined Following Successful Treatment

By Nov 20, 2018

In order to determine HCV reinfection rates following sustained virologic response (SVR) in the overall population as well as in PWID, the study authors analyzed data obtained from a population-based study that included >1.7 million people that were tested for HCV.

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