Cartoon Bank

Weekly Cartoon: Monday April 16

I'm recommending an EKGB.

Weekly Cartoon: Monday April 9

Aaay, Mr. K...I was sent over by the healthcare agency. I'll be your hip replacement.

Weekly Cartoon: Monday, March 26

Well, no wonder—you have a frog in your throat.

February '18 Caption Contest Winner

This is your femur with a clean break, and this is your femur with an Avant-Garde break

January '18 Caption Contest Winner

I just don't find laughing gas funny anymore.

Weekly Cartoon - Monday, January 16

I don't want them messing with my table of contents when they remove my appendix.

December '17 Caption Contest Winner

I want to work on being less judgmental, I see everyone I meet as naughty and nice.

Weekly Cartoon: Monday, December 11

Before he left for the day, Dr. Huber had one little Mickey Mouse operation to tend to.