Leah Lawrence

Leah Lawrence

Leah Lawrence is a freelance health writer and editor based in Delaware. She has contributed to trade, consumer, and medical association publications and websites focused on hematology/oncology, cardiology, primary care, endocrinology, and general health.

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DNA autoradiographs. Banded DNA sequences or genetic fingerprints overlapping on a computer screen.

BRCA2 Linked to Inferior Outcomes of Treatment With CDK4/6 Inhibitors Plus Endocrine Therapy

An analysis of germline-somatic interactions in breast cancer tumors revealed novel associations relevant to the disease’s progression and treatment resistance. For example, the study presented at the 2021 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS) showed that carriers of the BRCA2 mutation had inferior outcomes to treatment with first-line CDK4/6 inhibitors plus endocrine therapy. This could…