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Case Highlights How Symptoms of Cobalamin Deficiency Can Mimic MS

A recently published report describes the case of a 69-year-old female patient with cobalamin deficiency who was mistakenly diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis (PPMS). Following a diagnosis of PPMS by her primary neurologist, the patient presented to an MS clinic for a second opinion. In addition to experiencing falls and migraines for a long…

Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill, Metformin Assessed for PCOS Management

The use of combined oral contraceptive pills (COCP) and metformin, either as monotherapy or combined, was evaluated for the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in a recent systematic review published in the journal Clinical Endocrinology. Study authors systematically searched electronic databases for applicable randomized controlled trials that assessed these therapies for the management of…