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Physician Sued by Noncompliant Patient After Failing to Follow Up on Test

By Jul 10, 2018

Timely review and appropriate follow up on all patient reports is essential and must be part of a practice's routine.

Physician Sued for Negligence After Relying on Patient's Self-Diagnosis

By Jun 04, 2018

This month we look at the issue of whether a physician can be liable for relying on information provided by the patient.

Undisclosed Lab Result Leads to Lawsuit After Patient's Death

By May 02, 2018

Dr P's expert testified that there was nothing to treat or to tell the patient about.

Patient Sues Clinician for Privacy Violation After Practice Responds to Subpoena

By Apr 03, 2018

HIPAA does not create the right for an individual to sue, only to file a complaint with the government. However, some states have begun to look at whether a common law cause of action may exist when a health care provider reveals private health information.

Clinicians Fail to Recognize Signs of Rare but Deadly Infection

By Mar 06, 2018

In this month's case we look at a situation where a patient and his family had one idea about diagnosis/treatment, and the clinicians had another.

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