Kapspargo Sprinkle Available to Treat Hypertension, Angina, Heart Failure

By August 07, 2018

For patients unable to swallow an intact capsule, the pellets can be sprinkled over soft food (eg, applesauce, yogurt, pudding) or given via a nasogastric (NG) tube.

Outcomes-Based Pricing Doesn't Cut Costs of PCSK9 Inhibitors

April 03, 2018

"Although outcomes-based pricing may have a role in other settings, our analysis of its application to PCSK9 inhibitors - effective preventive medications with a high price tag - shows the potential limitation of this approach for high-cost preventive therapies," the authors write.

First PCSK9 Inhibitor Gets FDA Approval for MI, Stroke Prevention

By December 04, 2017

Repatha reduced the risk of heart attack by 27%, the risk of stroke by 21% and the risk of coronary revascularization by 22%.

Landmark Study Questions Efficacy of Stenting in Stable Angina

By November 03, 2017

ORBITA was a double-blind, randomized controlled trial that evaluated PCI vs. a placebo procedure for improved exercise capacity in patients with severe coronary disease who were receiving optimum medical therapy.

Depression Found to Be Independently Associated with Recurrent Chest Pain

By September 20, 2017

On multivariable regression models, depression was a significant independent predictor of 30-day chest pain recurrence after adjustment.

Beta-Blocker Use Post-Heart Attack Called Into Question

By September 19, 2017

They found that patients who only took the ACE inhibitor, or an angiotensin receptor blocker, and statin were no more likely to die than those who took all 3 prescribed treatments.

FDA: Coffee Products Laced with Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

By August 22, 2017

Although these coffee products are labeled as a "natural" or "herbal" they can cause serious harm.

Non-Invasive ECG Device Gets FDA Clearance

By August 09, 2017

Clinical data from the Turbulence study (n=1,807) showed CADence had comparable performance to a SPECT nuclear stress test in excluding obstructive CAD in patients with chest pain and risk factors.

Nitroglycerin Products Recalled Due to Low Potency

By June 16, 2017

The products were distributed to healthcare facilities nationwide between March 9 and June 1 and have expiration dates ranging from June 6 to August 15, 2017.

NSAIDs May Up MI Risk Within the First Week of Use

By May 10, 2017

Drug dose, duration of use, and recency of use were all evaluated.

FDA Fast Tracks Gene Therapy for Chronic Angina Patients

By May 08, 2017

XC001 is an investigational cardiovascular angiogenic gene therapy that promotes angiogenesis to provide arterial blood flow to myocardial regions with inadequate blood supply.

How Metoprolol Helps Reduce Damage During Heart Attack

By April 18, 2017

The data showed patients treated with metoprolol during acute myocardial infarction had a 40% reduced extent of microvascular obstruction.

High-Dose Vitamin D: Does It Prevent Cardiovascular Disease?

April 06, 2017

But effects of daily or weekly dosing require further study

Angina Prevention Medication Discontinued

By March 02, 2017

The decision to stop manufacturing the product is business related.

Tool Helps Clinicians Determine When Tests Are Needed for Chest Pain

By February 15, 2017

An online tool can accurately predict which patients with chest pain are likely to have normal non-invasive test results and remain free of cardiac adverse events.

Cardiovascular Angiogenic Gene Therapy Gets Fast Track Status

By February 07, 2017

Angionetics has announced that its Phase 3 clinical investigation of Generx (Ad5FGF-4) has been granted Fast Track status by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Angina Med Mix-up Leads to Recall

By October 21, 2016

One lot of Actavis' Nifedipine 10mg capsules is being recalled after a pharmacist reported finding a Procardia capsule in the bottle.

For Chronic Angina Patients, Depression May Negatively Impact Clinical Outcomes

October 06, 2016

Development of depression post-diagnosis tied to increased morbidity, mortality

Risks, Benefits of Cangrelor Examined in Angina, ACS

October 04, 2016

Consistent reduction in composite of death, MI, ischemia-driven revascularization, stent thrombosis

GoNitro Sublingual Powder Now Available

By September 27, 2016

Espero announced the launch of GoNitro (nitroglycerin) sublingual powder for acute relief of an attack or prophylaxis of angina pectoris due to coronary artery disease.

FDA Approves Yosprala for Secondary CV Prevention with GI Protection

September 15, 2016

Aralez announced that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Yosprala (omeprazole and aspirin) to treat patients who require aspirin for secondary prevention of cardiovascular (CV) and cerebrovascular events and who are at risk of developing aspirin-associated gastric ulcers.

Dr. Reddy's Generic Nitrostat Launched

By August 29, 2016

Dr. Reddy's announced the launch of Nitroglycerin sublingual tablets, the generic version of Pfizer's Nitrostat.

GoNitro Sublingual Powder Approved for Angina

By June 14, 2016

Espero announced that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved GoNitro (nitroglycerin) sublingual powder for acute relief of an attack or prophylaxis of angina pectoris due to coronary artery disease.

Intermediate Dosage Strengths of Generic Lopressor Tabs Now Available

By April 11, 2016

Mylan announced the launch of Metoprolol Tartrate Tablets in new 37.5mg and 75mg strengths, the generic version of Novartis' Lopressor.

Good News for Tea Drinkers

March 02, 2016

Regular drinkers had fewer heart attacks, less calcium build-up in their arteries

Adding Angina Drug to Diabetes Tx May Improve HbA1c Control

By January 11, 2016

Adding ranolazine in patients with type 2 diabetes treated with glimepiride, but not metformin, significantly lowered HbA1c over 24 weeks, according to a study published in Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism.

Ivabradine Improves Angina-Related Quality of Life

December 23, 2015

No change in primary outcome of change in physical limitation score at 12 months

Sublingual Nitroglycerin Powder NDA Accepted for Review

By November 04, 2015

The FDA has accepted for review the New Drug Application (NDA) for GoNitro (nitroglycerin; Espero) for acute relief of an attack or prophylaxis of angina pectoris due to coronary artery disease.

Antianginal Medications Compared in New Study

November 02, 2015

Older medications show greater odds for revascularization, higher ER rates

Part D Enrollment Doesn't Improve Outcomes After AMI

October 29, 2015

Half of AMI patients enrolled in Part D by hospital discharge; outcomes no better than non-enrollees