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Varicella zoster vaccine, live, attenuated; minimum of 19,400 PFU/0.65mL dose; pwd for SC inj after reconstitution; contains porcine gelatin, neomycin and bovine serum (trace); preservative-free.
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Varicella zoster vaccine recombinant, adjuvanted; susp for IM inj after reconstitution (contains 50mcg of recombinant glycoprotein E antigen, 50mcg of monophosphoryl lipid A, and 50mcg of QS-21); per 0.5mL; preservative-free.

Insurance Type Impacts Adult Vaccination Practices, Says Survey

According to the results of a recent study, rates of physician recommendation, administration, and referral related to vaccination differed in adult patients depending on the type of insurance they had (commercial or Medicare).
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Depression Affects Efficacy of Herpes Zoster Vaccine

Depressed elderly patients display a diminished varicella zoster virus (VZV)-specific immune response after vaccination with the herpes zoster vaccine compared with non-depressed patients, but antidepressant medication helps to normalize this response.
IDWeek 2012

Optimizing Health Benefits for Vaccine-Preventable Diseases

Vaccines represent the single most important medical advancement of the 20th century. Yet vaccines now available to prevent polio, measles, influenza, varicella, and zoster remain underutilized, presenters told IDWeek 2012 attendees.