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Levothyroxine Sodium Injection

Levothyroxine sodium 100mcg, 200mcg, 500mcg; pwd for IV inj after reconstitution.
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Levothyroxine sodium 25mcg, 50mcg, 75mcg, 88mcg, 100mcg, 112mcg, 125mcg, 137mcg, 150mcg, 175mcg, 200mcg, 300mcg; tabs.
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Thyroid 15mg (¼ grain), 30mg (½ grain), 60mg (1 grain), 90mg (1 + ½ grain), 120mg (2 grains), 180mg (3 grains)+, 240mg (4 grains), 300mg (5 grains)+; tabs; +scored. Each grain of thyroid contains liothyronine (T3) 9mcg and levothyroxine (T4) 38mcg.
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Levothyroxine sodium 13mcg/mL, 25mcg/mL, 37.5mcg/mL, 44mcg/mL, 50mcg/mL, 62.5mcg/mL, 75mcg/mL, 88mcg/mL, 100mcg/mL, 112mcg/mL, 125mcg/mL, 137mcg/mL, 150mcg/mL, 175mcg/mL, 200mcg/mL; oral soln; contains glycerol.

Higher Levothyroxine Doses Linked to Afib in Older Patients

To evaluate the association, the study authors utilized healthcare databases from Ontario, Canada to identify adults 66 years of age and older with no history of AF who filled at least 1 prescription for levothyroxine.