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FDA Clears Remote Programming for Nucleus Cochlear Implant

By Nov 20, 2017

Cochlear implants often require regular programming visits with an audiologist.

Review Investigates Efficacy of Guselkumab for Plaque Psoriasis

By Nov 17, 2017

In the other Phase 3 trial, transitioning to guselkumab treatment was more effective than continued ustekinumab use in reducing IGA scores in those minimally responsive to ustekinmab.

Enbrel Mini With AutoTouch Now Available

By Nov 17, 2017

The needle stays hidden during injection and a sensor can detect placement on skin. It also includes 3 difference injection speeds, a progress bar and a speaker.

New Drug-Free Therapy Available for Arthritis Pain

By Nov 16, 2017

The device has 14 pre-set therapy modes designed to block acute or chronic pain or to imitate exercise recovery, endurance and muscle strength.

Device to Help Reduce Symptoms of Opioid Withdrawal Gets FDA Approval

By Nov 16, 2017

The FDA approval is supported by a single-arm clinical study of 73 patients undergoing opioid physical withdrawal.

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