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Lurasidone Benefits Younger Patients with Bipolar Depression in Phase 3 Study

By May 24, 2017

Results showed a statistically significant change from baseline to Week 6 in favor of Latuda vs. placebo in the Clinical Global Impression-Bipolar Version, Severity of Illness (CBI-BP-S) score and the Children's Depression Rating Scale, Revised (CDRS-R) score.

P2X3 Receptor Antagonist Investigated for Chronic Cough

By May 24, 2017

Results, measured by a recording device, found that those in the 50mg MK-7264 group had a statistically significant reduction in cough frequency of 37% when compared with placebo.

Are Statins Beneficial for Primary Prevention in Older Adults?

By May 23, 2017

The authors concluded that newly administered statins given for primary prevention provided no benefit to these patients with regards to all-cause mortality or CHD events.

Sinuva Implant for Chronic Sinusitis to Be FDA Reviewed

By May 23, 2017

The Sinuva implant releases mometasone furoate to the ethmoid sinus lining and is intended to treat chronic sinusitis patients who have recurrent sinus obstruction.

Drug-Induced Bronchospasm in Multiple Asthma Patients

By May 23, 2017

Cocaine is considered one of the most commonly abused drugs that could potentially induce acute respiratory failure.

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