Psychiatric Disorders

Targeting Premenstrual Breakthrough of Depression with OCs: Is it Effective?

By August 18, 2017

Premenstrual exacerbation (PME) of depression has been found to occur in roughly two-thirds of women with depressive disorders.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Elevated Blood Coagulability: Is There a Link?

August 18, 2017

Significant differences were identified in PT seconds for the control group versus the moderate and severe OSA groups (mean, 11.26 versus 10.74 and 10.67, respectively).

ADHD Treatments

August 18, 2017

A list of prescription medications used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

CDC Report Outlines Antidepressant Use in the U.S. by Sex, Race

August 16, 2017

The researchers found that 12.7% of individuals (8.6% of males and 16.5% of females) took antidepressants in the past month during 2011 to 2014.

Recall: Defective Droppers Packaged with Anti-Anxiety Drug

By August 15, 2017

The dosing droppers, supplied by a third party, were misprinted with the dose markings in reverse number, shifted dose markings or no dose markings.

Cannabis Efficacy Examined in Patients with Chronic Pain, PTSD

August 15, 2017

The researchers found low-strength evidence that cannabis alleviates neuropathic pain based on 27 chronic pain trials; insufficient evidence was found in other pain populations.

Withdrawal Syndrome Following Online Purchase of 'Cognitive Enhancer'

By August 14, 2017

He was able to find an online health store that sold tianeptine and over three months continued to use the drug, increasing the dose on stressful days. During this time, he also began to experience withdrawal symptoms.

Recall: Antidepressant Tablets Found in Bottle Labeled for Cholesterol Med

By August 10, 2017

While side effects of bupropion are typically minor, some patients may be at greater risk for adverse effects.

Lithium, Divalproex Efficacy Examined in Older Bipolar Patients

By August 09, 2017

Results demonstrated that lithium was more effective in controlling manic signs and symptoms, as defined by a change from baseline Young Mania Rating Scale.

Neuroanatomic Abnormalities Identified in Those at High Risk for Autism

August 09, 2017

"In two genetically related cohorts at high risk for autism spectrum disorder, reciprocal neuroanatomic abnormalities were found and determined to be associated with cognitive and behavioral impairments," the authors write.

Does Aspirin Protect Against Symptoms of Depression?

By August 08, 2017

Research on whether aspirin (which has both anti-inflammatory and anti-atherosclerotic properties) has an impact on depression has been limited.

Vortioxetine Effectiveness Evaluated for Depression in Adults

By August 04, 2017

When compared to individual antidepressants, vortioxetine may be less effective than duloxetine in terms of response rates and depressive symptoms scores.

Neonatal Drug Withdrawal Risk Up with In Utero Exposure to Opioids, Psychotropics

August 03, 2017

The researchers observed variation in the absolute risk for neonatal drug withdrawal from 1.0 to 11.4% for infants exposed in utero to prescription opioids alone and opioids co-prescribed with gabapentin, respectively.

Study: Netflix Show Ups Suicide Awareness, But Also Suicidal Ideation

By July 31, 2017

Some of the searches were positive; 'suicide hotline' (up 12%) and 'suicide prevention' (up 23%), however there was a jump of 26% for the phrase 'how to commit suicide', and 'commit suicide' (up 18%), and 'how to kill yourself' (up 9%).

Abilify Maintena Gains New Bipolar I Disorder Indication

By July 28, 2017

The study's primary endpoint showed Abilify Maintena significantly delayed the time to recurrence of any mood episode in adults having a manic episode at screening vs. placebo.

Demystifying Conversion Disorder: A Guide for Primary Care Clinicians

By July 26, 2017

Assessing conversion disorder and distinguishing it from other conditions can be challenging.

ADHD Med Adherence and Long-Term Substance Abuse Risk Examined

July 25, 2017

Patrick Quinn, PhD, of Indiana University Bloomington, and colleagues looked at data from 2,993,887 Americans with ADHD.

CPAP Adherence Increases After Patients View Video of Themselves

July 25, 2017

"People who watched themselves gasping and struggling to breathe with sleep apnea used their CPAP machines three hours more per night than those who saw no video," said Mark Aloia, PhD, National Jewish Health in Denver.

Maternal Antidepressant Use May Contribute to Offspring Autism

July 21, 2017

"Importantly, the absolute risk of autism was small, and, hypothetically, if no pregnant women took antidepressants, the number of cases that could potentially be prevented would be small," wrote the authors of the study.

PANS/PANDAS Treatment Guidelines Released

By July 20, 2017

"Immunomodulatory therapy should be considered early, because NSAIDs or a short course of oral corticosteroids may be sufficient for symptom remission in recent-onset cases, whereas those with long-standing symptoms often require more intensive and prolonged immunotherapeutic interventions," the authors write.

Do Benzodiazepines Increase the Risk of All Cause Mortality?

By July 19, 2017

A total of 5,061 and 4,691 deaths occurred in the high dimensional propensity score matched benzodiazepine initiators compared to non-initiators, which equated to 9.3 vs. 9.4 events per 1,000 person years, respectively (HR 1.00, 95% CI, 0.96-1.04).

Maternal Antidepressant Use and Offspring Disability: What's the Link?

July 13, 2017

No significant association for use of antidepressant in pregnancy, child's intellectual disability

Treatment Approaches Compared for MDD Unresponsive to Antidepressants

July 12, 2017

The augment-aripiprazole group had greater response compared with the switch or augment-bupropion groups (74.3 versus 62.4% [relative risk, 1.19] and 65.6% [relative risk, 1.13], respectively). There were no significant treatment differences for relapse.

Large Number of Opioid Rxs Written for Patients with Mental Illness

July 10, 2017

Those with psychological conditions more likely to overdose or have other problems tied to opioid use

Brain Stimulation vs. Escitalopram for Depression

June 29, 2017

After 10 weeks, patients receiving tDCS fared no better than those taking escitalopram. Patients receiving tDCS, however, experienced more side effects, the researchers found.

OTC Supplement Found to be Effective for Mild to Moderate Depression

By June 28, 2017

Compared to no treatment, consumption of magnesium chloride for 6 weeks was associated with a significant net improvement in PHQ-9 scores and Generalized Anxiety Disorders-7 scores.

Day Sleepers May Be More Susceptible to Oxidative DNA Damage

June 28, 2017

The researchers also saw evidence that lower melatonin levels correlated with lower 8-OH-dG. The 50 workers in the latest study were those who'd shown the biggest drop in melatonin during night work versus night sleep.

Insomnia Drug May Help Patients with Disorders of Consciousness, Movement

By June 26, 2017

Researchers reviewed a total of 2,314 articles for zolpidem used to treat neurologic disorders across various databases.

IV Lipid Emulsion for Bupropion Poisoning: Is it Beneficial?

By June 26, 2017

Researchers examined electronic records from one regional poison center for cases of intentional bupropion ingestion between January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2015. Reports that cited IV lipid emulsion administration or death as an outcome were further evaluated.

Guided, Self-Help Approach to Exercise Effective for Patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

June 26, 2017

Two hundred eleven chronic fatigue syndrome patients did workouts for 12 weeks with phone or online video support from a physical therapist.